B : Programme Development
National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore 1995, Second Edition:

The main aim of establishment of State TB Centre (STC) was to provide training to District TB Programme (DTP) key personnel to do research, technical supervision, monitoring, assessment and coordination and assistance to DTPs by constant guidance and feed back. In almost all large and medium size states, there is State Tuberculosis Demonstration & Training Centre (STDTC). These centres were envisaged at the very inception of the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) as the superstructure at the state level. The organisation of the centre is according to the functions of STC. It consists of DTP Demonstration Unit, Training, Bacteriology, Treatment Organisation, X-ray, Monitoring and Administrative Sections. The functions are: (i) to organise and conduct training courses mainly for DTP key personnel, short period courses for Peripheral Health Institution (PHI) workers and orientation programme for district and state level health administrators etc. (ii) to carry out the activities as per the DTO Manual in the urban and rural units of DTPs. The urban programme can be formulated according to the local variables, specially in mega cities. However, the guiding principle should be to enlist the participation of as many health institutions as possible. (iii) to provide laboratory services of Level-IV according to the nationwide network classification i.e., the centres carry out culture, sensitivity of mycobacterium tuberculosis besides smear examination for service, research purposes and also imparting training to personnel working in Level-III laboratories. (iv) to train the Treatment Organisers (TOs) of District Tuberculosis Centre (DTC) the responsibility of Treatment Section. (v) to train X-ray Technician (XT) of DTC, guide and assist in proper functioning and maintenance of MMR units in the DTC is the responsibility of X-ray Section which is manned by experienced Sr XT. (vi) to collect information on Case-finding, treatment, staff position and equipment from DTP and carry out supervision and assessment of DTPs is the responsibility of Monitoring Section.

Training of DTP key personnel so far has been carried out solely by National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore. Now, the states should also take up the responsibility of training the DTP key personnel. The staff, building, equipments, vehicles and supplies provided in the existing STDTC would be adequate. If required, the additional staff, modification/extension of the building and replacement of equipment/vehicles should be made.