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b) Subject Index
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Acceptability Adverse Reactions Applicability Assessment
Action Taking Alternative Methods  
B Top
Bettey Antigen    - Reactions    - Vaccine       - Liquid BCG
BCG    - Scar       - Danish strain       - Madras vaccine
   - Assessment        - Waning       - Danish vaccine    - Vaccination
   - BCG    - Simultaneous BCG
     & Small Pox
      - Freeze-Dried       - Direct
   - Mass compaign   - Technical aspects       - French vaccine       - House to House
   - Programme  
C Top
Case Chemoprophylaxis Cohort Analysis Crude Morality
   - Definition Chest Diseases Community CTP
   - Detection Chest Radiology Compliance Culture Laboratory
   - Fatality Chest Symptomatics Contact Culture Method
   - Case-finding Children Contacts    - Carbon Di Oxide
   - Case-finding Tool Chingleput Bcg Trial Control Programme    - Centifugation
   - Case Holding Clinical Trial Control Stydy    - Filtration
   - Rate Clusters Cost    - Pyruvate medium
   - Sputum Positive Case Cohort Coverage    - Curriculum Formulation
   - Suspect Case  
D Top
Decline Dissemination    - Consumption    - Resistance
Demographic Changes Drug    - Regimen    - Sensitivity
Demographic Situation    - Adverse Reactions    - Dailly DTC
Diagnosis    - Collection, Level    - Intermittent DTP
E Top
Economic Aspects Efficiency Epidemetric Phase Evaluation
Education & Training Emigration Epidemilogical Groups Exogenous Reinfection
Effectiveness Endogenous Reactivation Establishment Experience
Efficacy Epidemic Model Estimates  
F Top
Family Family Welfare Services Feasibility Functions
Family Motivation Fate Felt Need  
G Top
General Population Grassroot Level Growth Stimulation Guidelines
H Top
Health Care Delivery Health Intelligence Health Plan Health Services
Health Economics Health Personnel Health Practices Hospital Equipment
Health Education       - Health Worker Health Problems Household
Health Information       - Medical Officer Health Research Household Survey
I fTop
Illness Incidence Of Infection INH Intermitent Regimen
      - Perception Indicators Initial Drug Resistance Interview
Impact Infection Initial Motivation Intestigations
Incidence Infectivity Integration Invitro
J Top
Job Training  
L Top
Liboratory Limitations LJ Medium  
M Top
M.bovis Measurement Methods Mobidity
Maintenance Medical Practices Micorscopy Centre Morality
Malnutrition Medical Relief Migration Multiple Sputum Specimen
Management Medical Research Model M. tuberculosis
Mathematical Estimate Methodology Monitoring  
N Top
National Health Programmes Non Specific Allergy NTI NTP
Natural Cure Non Specific Infection NTM Nutritional Status
Natural History  
O Top
Operational Efficacy Operational Factors Operations Research Organisation
Operational Efficiency  
P Top
PAS PHI Potency Primary Health Care
Passive Follow-up PHIs-Category Potential Problem
Patient Behaviour Physical Suffering Predictive Volue Profile
Pediatric Tuberculosis Planning Prevalence Protective Effect
Performance post-vaccination Allergy Primary Complex Public Health
Peri Urban Community  
R Top
Recall Resistant Strains RHO Rural Community
Referral Resources Risk Of Infection Rural Health Services
Relapse Response Group RTO Rural Patients
Relative Utility Rural Population Rural Revised Strategy
S Top
SCC Smear Examination Specimen Survey
     - Regimen      - Cold Staining      - Despatch      - Classical
Screening Procedure      - Flourescent Sputum Camp          - Epidemiological
Screening Tools      - Staining Methods Sputum Examination          - Absentees
Self Administered Regimen      - Ziehl Neelson Sputum Microscopy      - Longitudinal
Sensitive Strains Social Aspects Sputum Positive Case      - Repeat Survey
Sensitivity Social Awareness Stability      - Resurvey
Sensitivity Methods Social Factors STC Suspect Case
Serodiagnosis Social Inquiry Streptomycin Symptoms
     - Kaolin Agglutination Social Planning Supervised Intermittent Regimen      - Awareness
Sickness Socio-economic Aspects Supervised Regimen      - Prevalence
Single Case Study Socio-epidemilogy Supervised Treatment      - Screening
Situation Analysis Specialized Centre Surveillance      - Symptomatics
Slum Community Specificity  
T Top
TH Regimen Treatement Problem      - Enhancement      - Sensitivity
Thioacetazone Trend      - Induration      - Status
Trained Birth Attendants Tubercle Bacilli      - Induration size      - Test
Training Methodology Tuberculin      - Reaction      - Transverse diameter
Treatement Completion      - Allergy      - Reading method      - Longitudinal diameter
Treatement Completion Rate      - Boosting    
U Top
Urban Urban Health Institutions Urban Population Utilization
Urban Control Programme Urban Patients Urban Slum Community  
V Top
Virulence - Animal Passage      
X-ray      - Equipments      - Double picture      - Reading
     - Diagnosis      - Film      - MMR      - Joint reading
     - Over diagnosis      - Single picture      - Quality      - Rool Film Cassette
     - Examination