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Section RP No Title Year
Bacteriology 51 Comparison of fresh liquid and freeze - dried BCG vaccines produced from Danish and Japanese strains in BCG vaccine laboratory, Madras. 1962
BCG 52 Comparison of allergy inducing capacity of freeze-dried BCG vaccines containing glutamate and glutamate plus dextrin as adjuvants. 1962
Sociology 53 Social and other stress factors in the causation of tuberculous infection and disease 1962
Sociology 54 Action taking among tuberculosis patients 1962
BCG 55 Possible effect of higher concentration quinosol in 1TU RT23 (tween) on tuberculin reactions among sanatoria patients and BCG vaccinated and unvaccinated school children. 1963
BCG 56 Comparison of allergy inducing capacity of liquid vaccine manufactured with higher and usual pressure during filtration. 1963
Statistics 57 BCG trial associated with longitudinal survey by the NTI, India. 1963
BCG 58 58 Comparison of longitudinal and transverse diameters of indurations to tuberculin tests. 1963
Epidemiology 59 Enhancing effect of previous tuberculin tests in different age and sex groups. 1963
BCG 60 Pre and post-vaccination allergy eliciting capacity of different doses of RT23 containing different stabilising agents. 1963
Bacteriology 61 Assessment of sputum examination carried out in selected microscopy centres of the Bangalore district programme over a 12 month period. 1963
Epidemiology 62 Tuberculin reaction in patients. 1963
Control 63 A direct BCG vaccination: Programme in Tiptur Taluk. 1963
Control 64 Observation of “regularity of treatment. 1963
Control 65 Pilot study on regularity of intermittent streptomycin cum isoniazid treatment. 1963
Control 66 Selection and referral of symptomatics for diagnosis of tuberculosis in the peripheral health and medical institutions. 1963
Control 67 Correlation between drug collection, drug consumption and clinical progress of the disease. 1963
Epidemiology 68 More intensified sputum examination. 1964
Control 69 Test runs of the district tuberculosis control programme 1964
Sub protocols :
Control 69.1 Test runs - Chitradurga. 1964
Control 69.2 Test runs - south Canara. 1964
Control 69.3 Test runs - Shimoga.
Sociology 70 Tuberculosis as a problem of suffering in a rural community (pilot study). 1964
Bacteriology 71 A comparison of cold staining with the conventional Ziehl-Neelson method. 1964
Control 72 Operational aspects and toxicity of INH and thiacetazone in rural areas. 1964
Epidemiology 73 Longitudinal survey-III round-second follow up. 1964
Sociology 74 Evaluating tuberculosis as a health problem in a rural community. 1964
Control 75 Operations research of district tuberculosis programme. 1964
BCG 76 Evaluating methods for assessment of BCG vaccination without tuberculin tests. 1964
Epidemiology 77 The role of sputum examination of symptomatics in a survey. 1964
Epidemiology 78 Investigation on the prevalence of resistant strains in a rural community. 1965
Control 79 Operational and technical aspects of a systematic BCG vaccination among new borns in Bangalore city. 1965
Epidemiology 80 The fourth round of longitudinal survey (third follow up) 1965
Sociology 81 Behaviour of an urban population towards a TB diagnosis and treatment centre. 1965
BCG 82 Comparison of allergy inducing capacity of BCG vaccines produced from different strains in BCG vaccine laboratories at Madras and Copenhagen. 1966
Control 83 Knowledge, skills, aptitudes and extent of participation of health institution staff in TB control programme. 1966
Epidemiology 84 Comparison of tuberculin reactions with 20TU RT23 and Gause antigen. 1966
Control 85 Proportion of persons with symptoms suggestive of pulmonary tuberculosis visiting the OPD at government dispensaries in Bangalore city and among them proportion of patients with active pulmonary TB. 1966
Sociology 86 A sociological study of drug resistant cases under routine domiciliary treatment. 1966
Sociology 87 Changing pattern of patient population presenting for diagnosis at the LWTDTC (Bangalore). 1966
Control 88 Technical assessment of the DTP (excluding its impact on the problem of tuberculosis in the community). 1966
Epidemiology 89 Estimation of drug resistance in general population in area of longitudinal survey (by history taking). 1966
Epidemiology 90 Re-survey of 30 treated villages. 1966
Bacteriology 91 Variation in examination of positive sputum specimens by direct microscopy. 1967
Control 92 Concurrent small pox and BCG vaccination. 1967
BCG 93 Comparison of post-vaccination allergy induced by vaccination with dermojet gun and intradermal methods. 1967
Control 94 Knowledge, attitude and skills of staff of peripheral health institution participating in DTP and the role of key personnel of DTC in influencing the peripheral staff. 1968
Control 95 Detailed study of treatment aspects from sample material of Lady Willingdon Tuberculosis Demonstration & Training Centre, Bangalore. 1968
Epidemiology 96 Estimation of the prevalence of symptomatics in general population and cases among them. 1968
Epidemiology 97 Comparison of 5 year follow up in 14 villages. 1968
Control 98 Acceptability of intermittent chemotherapy with biweekly streptomycin in INH in urban Bangalore 1968
Control 99 Assessment of training in NTI 1968
Bacteriology 100 Cold staining method for differentiating mycobacterium tuberculosis and other acid fast bacilli. 1968

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