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Section RP No Title Year
Control 101 Estimation of incidence of tuberculous disease and follow up of cases, suspects and other X-ray abnormals at shorter intervals in the rural community. 1968
Control 102 Assessment of NTI training within job environment 1968
Epidemiology 103 Estimation of more precise prevalence of bacteriologically confirmed disease in general population. 1968
Control 104 Provision of second X-ray referral centre in a DTP
BCG 105 Influence of temperature and duration of storage on the viability and the sensitizing capacity of freeze dried BCG vaccine the ampoules of which are sealed in vacuum or with nitrogen 1968
BCG 106 BCG vaccination on coverage of (6-15 years) population under a school vaccination programme 1969
Statistics 107 Test runs of revised records and reports in District Tuberculosis Programme. 1969
Statistics 108 Integrated recording and reporting under the DTP and general health services. 1969
Control 109 Development of DTPs in southern India by PERT-CPM network. 1969
Control 110 Methodology of integration of BCG vaccination in general health services.
Control 111 Relationship between prevalence of symptoms (sickness) in the population and attendance at the area PHC. 1970
Sociology 112 A pilot study of sociological background of TB patient and its significance in his treatment. 1970
Control 113 Organizations and technical variations in the formulation of case finding at the PHI’s in a DTP. 1971
Control 114 Long term observation of District Tuberculosis Programme (Master protocol). 1971
Control 115 Comparative efficacy of different techniques of BCG vaccination. 1972
Bacteriology 116 Stainability of tubercle bacilli with different brands of basic fuchsin. 1972
Control 117 A five year follow up study of patients intake in RP/98 Sub protocols: 1972
Epidemiology 118 a)Repeat epidemiological survey (to compare the infection and disease). 1972
Sociology 119 b)Awareness and action taking of persons with pulmonary tuberculosis of 62 villages and 4 town blocks of Tumkur district, following epidemiological survey. 1972
Epidemiology 120 c)Problem of prevalence of tuberculosis among population around 2 miles and around health institutions. 1972
Control 121 Influence of periodical motivation of tuberculosis patients and their families/household members in the regularity of drug collection.
Sociology 122 A sociological follow up of tuberculosis patients diagnosed and treated at the Lady Willingdon TB Demonstration & Training Centre in the year 1978
Bacteriology 123 Comparison of conventional ZN method of staining with and without alcohol decolourisation and staining by Gabbets methylene blue. 1973
Control 124 A controlled study of specific treatment on the bacteriological status of suspect cases. 1973
Epidemiology 125 Changes in tuberculosis infection rates between two points of time and prevalence of non-specific sensitivity in the rural community. 1973
Epidemiology 126 Estimation of prevalence of chest diseases other than pulmonary tuberculosis in an urban community and prevalence and incidence of clinical tuberculosis in the 0-4 years age group. 1974
Control 127 Acceptability of BCG vaccination in mass BCG campaign programme. 1974
Control 128 Estimation of additional yield of tuberculosis cases through examination of 8 sputum specimens among symptomatics. 1974
Bacteriology 129 Evaluation of smears prepared in different ways. 1975
BCG 130 Alternate method to read the tuberculin reactions. 1975
Sociology 131 Awareness of the tuberculosis programme among the primary health centre personnel. 1976
Control 132 Health practices of rural community and utilization of area PHC by them. 1976
BCG 133 Administration of BCG vaccination by multi puncture method. 1976
Bacteriology 134 Pilot study on some bacteriological aspects among patients attending, Lady Willingdon TB Demonstration & Training Centre Bangalore. 1976
BCG 135 Use of local reaction at the site of BCG vaccination for surveillance. 1976
Sociology 136 Morbidity and medical relief in rural households. 1976
Epidemiology 137 Repeat epidemiological survey in a rural population of south India. Fourth follow up study. 1977
Sociology 138 Action taking of tuberculosis cases detected in fourth follow up epidemiological survey in a rural population in south India 1977
Statistics 139 Trend in case finding in District Tuberculosis Programme. 1977
Statistics 140 Communication between primary health centres and District Health Offices. 1977
Statistics 141 Records and reports of general health services. 1977
Bacteriology 142 Preliminary study to investigate the influence of coconut water on the growth of tubercle bacilli. 1977
Control 143 Influence of ‘initial motivation’ on drug collection of tuberculosis patients. 1977
X-ray 144 Use of computer technology for developing pseudo colour rendition of chest X-rays to improve training in X-ray reading. 1978
Control 145 Feasibility of the involvement of multipurpose workers in case finding in DTP. 1978
Control 146 Short course chemotherapy: Study in Bangalore. 1978
Bacteriology 147 Comparison of results of homogenization and decontamination of sputum specimens with different volumes of sodium hydroxide. 1978
Sociology 148 A concurrent study of social problems of patients on short course chemotherapy. 1978
Control 149 Some operational aspects in improving case finding by microscopy in peripheral health institutions. 1979
Bacteriology 150 Some methods to improve case finding by microscopy in pulmonary tuberculosis.

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