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Section RP No Title Year
Epidemiology 151 Changes of tuberculosis infection rates in a rural community in Bangalore district after a period of 5 years. 1979
Epidemiology 152 An epidemiological survey in a rural population of south India to study the prevalence (and incidence) of infection. 1979
Control 153 Organisational efforts in a short course chemotherapy trial - a concurrent study. 1980
Sociology 154 Intermittent short course chemotherapy study for pulmonary tuberculosis in Bangalore. 1980
Sociology 155 Utilisation of treatment facilities by tuberculosis patients and their households in an urban area 1980
Sociology 156 Utilisation of treatment facilities by tuberculosis patients initiated on treatment at Lady Willingdon tuberculosis demonstration and training centre and their households in metropolitan Bangalore. 1980
Control 157 Feasibility of the involvement of multi purpose workers in improving case finding and case holding under DTP. 1981
Sociology 158 Tuberculosis services as a component of health care offered by multi purpose workers. 1983
Bacteriology 159 Study to differentiate viable tubercle bacilli from dead ones in sputum smears by staining. 1982
Control 160 Applicability of two drug regimens of short course chemotherapy under operational conditions of a District Tuberculosis Centre. 1981
Sociology 161 Procedures to improve consciousness of community in respect of tuberculosis services. 1982
Bacteriology 162 Virulence of M.tuberculosis isolated in Bangalore area.
Epidemiology 163 A longitudinal survey of tuberculosis in a rural population in south India. 1984
Epidemiology 164 The surveillance of tuberculosis through cheaper epidemiological tools. 1983
Sociology 165 A bench mark survey of two districts of Tamil Nadu. 1983
Bacteriology 166 Behaviour of M.tb of low virulence on animal passage. 1984
Control 167 Applicability of a drug regimen of short course chemotherapy under operational conditions of a district tuberculosis centre. 1984
Control 168 Applicability of a drug regimen of short course chemotherapy under operational conditions in PHI’s under DTP. 1985
Control 169 Feasibility of distribution of drugs to tuberculosis patients by - multi purpose health workers. 1985
Bacteriology 170 Recovery of tubercle bacilli from urine and potential contribution of virulence in haematogenous forms of tuberculosis. 1985
Control 171 Effect of referral of out patients for periodic sputum camps organised at PHIs. 1985
Control 172 Demonstration of district tuberculosis programme (an action cum research project). 1986
Epidemiology 173 Estimation of prevalence of chest symptoms and bacillary tuberculosis in a community to form a basis for surveillance of NTP. 1986
Control 174 Potential of high dose INH and streptomycin biweekly in the treatment of isoniazid resistant tuberculosis under conditions of the urban tuberculosis programme. 1986
Bacteriology 175 Role of mycobacteria other than M. tuberculosis in immunization against tuberculosis. 1987
Bacteriology 176 Haematogenous dissemination of tubercle bacilli in guinea pigs and its predictive value for pathogenesis of human tuberculosis. 1987
Bacteriology 177 Screening fresh isolates of M. tuberculosis for homogeneity in virulence, morphology and pigmentation of colonies. 1987
Bacteriology 178 Serodiagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis by Kaolin agglutination technique. 1987
Control 179 Applicability and efficacy of an 8 month regimen of short course chemotherapy under field conditions of district tuberculosis programme. 1987
Epidemiology 180 Efficacy of BCG vaccination among children 0-4 years. 1988
Sociology 181 A sociological study of default among rural tuberculosis patients 1988
Bacteriology 182 Use of trisodium phosphate and cetyl pyridium chloride (CPC) as transport media for sputum specimen in isolation of mycobacterium tuberculosis. 1988
Bacteriology 183 Serodiagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and passive haemagglutination tests. 1989
Bacteriology 184 Serodiagnosis of extra pulmonary tuberculosis by ELISA and passive haemagglutination (PHA) tests. 1988
Control 185 The fate of patients of pulmonary tuberculosis lost from treatment under short course chemotherapy or conventional regimens in an urban TB centre functioning under the DTP. 1989
Epidemiology 186 Tools of tuberculosis surveillance: tuberculosis in children and fate of tuberculosis cases. 1990
Bacteriology 187 Effect of 10% carbondioxide on the primary isolation of mycobacteria. 1990
Bacteriology 188 Biological characteristics of M.tuberculosis isolated from urine and corresponding sputum specimen in a series of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. 1990
Bacteriology 189 Sero-epidemiology of tuberculosis in children aged 0-14 years in areas around Bangalore. 1990
Bacteriology 190 Evaluation of cold staining methods for acid fast bacilli using various easily available detergents and candle flame.
Bacteriology 191 Evaluation of culture methods using N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and 2% sodium hydroxide and 7H10 - agar based culture medium. 1990
Bacteriology 192 Isolation of environmental mycobacteria from soil and water. 1990
Control 193 The fate of patients of pulmonary tuberculosis lost from treatment under programme conditions in a south Indian district. 1990
Sociology 194 Evolution of chest symptoms and action taking pattern among cases and suspects over a period of time. 1990
Control 195 Tuberculosis case content among self-reporting chest symptomatics at peripheral health institutions - potential and performance. 1991
Control 196 Efficiency of alternative methods of delivery of supervised ambulatory short course chemotherapy in District Tuberculosis Programme 1993
Sociology 197 Profile of Dais (traditional birth attendants) and anganwadi workers. 1993
Epidemiology 198 Estimation of protective effect of BCG among children aged 0-14 years: a retrospective case control study. 1994
Epidemiology 199 Annual risk of infection of tuberculosis in urban areas - a pilot study among school children. 1995
Sociology 200 Case-finding process in tuberculosis control 1996
Control 201 Follow up study of pulmonary tuberculosis patients treated with short course chemotherapy through alternate drug delivery method.
Epidemiology 202 Preliminary study of incidence of infection among BCG vaccinated and unvaccinated children in a peri-urban area adopting the technique of differences in reactions. 1996
Bacteriology 203 Assessment of the trisodium phosphate - penicillin transport medium and single step method of culture. 1997
Control 204 Assessment of anti TB treatment rendered by various health care providers. 1997
Control 205 Profile of TB patients and reasons for their non-compliant behaviour in a rural set up under DTP - A cohort study. 1997
Epidemiology 206 A national sample survey to estimate annual risk of tuberculosis infection in India. 1998
Epidemiology 207 Comparative assay between the tuberculins 1TU & 2TU RT23 with tween 80. 1998
Bacteriology 208 Surveillance of drug resistance in Mysore district 1998
Control 209 Status of pulmonary tuberculosis patients put on treatment under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme, Bangalore Mahanagara Palike. 1998
Control 210 Treatment outcome of smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme - A prospective study. 1999
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