3.1 Challenges during the Early Period
3.1.1. Issues pertaining to training
3.2 Knowledge as a Source of Growth
3.3 Development of State TB Centre
3.4 Sustainability of the Model
3.5 The Great Next Step
3.5.1. Monitoring/Reporting by DTCs
3.5.2. Birth of regional centres for monitoring of the programme
3.6 Milestones in BCG Work
3..6.1. Controlled clinical trial for efficacy of BCG vaccine
3.7 Expanding Horizons of Research
3.7.1. Innovations in approach
3.8 Results of the Longitudinal Survey
3.9 Outcome of Longitudinal Survey - Natural History of TB
3.10 Sub Studies
3.11 Accomplishments in Knowledge Dissemination
3.12 Disturbing Developments
3.13 Memorabilia
  Dr (Mrs) Prabha Jagota
Mr Simeon Ratnadurai
Dr. Sujatha Chandrasekaran
Sri C Satyanarayana
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