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1.4 Memorabilia

Mr Rajan Mathew,
former Senior Technical Assistant (Bact)

Way back in 1958, I was working as a LT in the NDTC. As the institute was being established in south India, near my home in Kerala, I managed to join NTI as LT on 1.9.1959. The next day, I was promptly despatched to the field to Sira taluk in Tumkur district. The work was very tough and sometimes we would work the whole day. All of us were brought back from the field just before the inauguration. Amongst other things, I remember His Highness the late Maharaja of Mysore, the then Governor of Mysore. I felt he was a born king, a real Maharaja, a personality born to rule and to give. He was very amiable and generous too. When he spoke, his voice was loud and clear. He looked so dignified, distant and yet so near. I felt sure that if the staff coming from different parts of India asked for a favour, he would readily do.

Today, after 34 years of serving NTI, I state that I am lucky to get into the Institute. A boy then who could not face a group of people way back in 1958, today I can take a whole class for two or three hours continuously. In the TB field, I can say that I am quite competent and the laboratory work done here is very diligent and of high standards.

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