2.1 Development of Protocols
2.2 Formulation of Work Methodology
2.3 Work Done During the Period
2.3.1. The Kirangur experiments
2.3.2. Other Experiments
2.4 The Tumkur District Baseline Studies
2.5 The Longitudinal Survey
2.6 Building Infrastructure for Training
2.7 Ananthapur: The First Model DTC
2.8 Lessons from the Ananthapur Experiment
2.9 TB Control Seminars
2.10 Papers Published
2.11 A Torch Lit
2.12 Memorabilia
  Dr. Kul Bhushan
Dr. G.D.Gothi
Mr. M. S. Krishna Murthy
Mr. R. Channabasavaiah
Mr. B. G. Munisamy*
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