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2.12 Memorabilia

Mr. M S Krishna Murthy
former Sr Investigator (EPS)

Out of all the research studies I was associated with, the base line survey at Tumkur was most interesting because it yielded so much information about a district which could be used in the NTP. I consider the longitudinal survey the most difficult. To repeat the same activities in the same area and get high coverages throughout is not easy.

The most influential scientists I interacted with were Drs Raj Narain and Nagpaul. Raj Narain was a great administrator, a tremendous organiser and extremely practical. He had a tremendous ability to obtain sensitive data. Dr Nagpaul was great in a different way. He was a strict disciplinarian, dedicated and a inimitable teacher. One day, I was with Mr Rama Rao, his PA. He showed me a typed script he had just completed and said in a voice filled with wonder: “Krishnamurthy, this is to be sent for publication, you know; Nagpaul dictated it in one go. After I typed a draft, I showed it to him. He made only two or three corrections that is all”.

I had also worked for the Chingleput BCG trial. Dr Raj Narain was its Project Director. It was running with PL480 funds for some time. Suddenly, funds stopped. There was no money even to pay salaries. The trial was in the intake stage. Dr Raj Narain tried every source but the bureaucracy did not understand the implication of closure at this stage. So, Dr Raj Narain used WHO dollars meant for special purposes and kept the project going. He was hauled up in Delhi. Dr Raj Narain gave the secretary appropriate reasons for taking this arbitrary decision. The Secretary was convinced. The trial was resurrected. ICMR was asked to take it over. When Raj Narain talked, everyone listened. His eyes would literally light up.

As to significant changes in my work attitude, I would say it came from the WHO and other international staff. They showed how important work is for science and for people. They inspired us to work hard.

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