b) Community Participation & Role of Voluntary Organizations
AU : Chinachoti N
TI : Problems in organization and development of voluntary tuberculosis associations.
SO : BULL IUAT 1964, 34-35, 380-382.
DT : Per
AB :

The Anti-TB Association of Thailand was organised by the senior members of the Thailand Medical Association in the forties. The main obstacles faced by the Association, from the beginning, were the scarcity of funds and a lack of sufficient volunteer personnel. Gradually, as these obstacles were overcome to some extent, the Association’s activities expanded in many directions and a number of TB clinics, both static and mobile, were set up in various districts of Bangkok, allotted by the Health Department. Increasing awareness of Association members regarding the programme objectives helped gain their active support for programmes and, with expansion, the Association shifted its responsibilities to work with special groups of people such as school personnel and factory workers rather than the general population which was cared for by the Health Department. The recruitment of technical staff, especially, well-trained doctors and nurses was a major problem. To cope, the Association was getting the Ministry to send doctors from the TB Control Division to work in the clinics run by the Association. The Association was attempting to develop local associations in various parts of the country.