b) Community Participation & Role of Voluntary Organizations
AU : Mora EO
TI : Volunteers associations in the fight against tuberculosis.
SO : BULL IUAT 1976, 51, 691-694.
DT : Per
AB :

The article describes the organization and activities of the Mexican National Committee in the Fight Against TB. The Committee undertakes various activities with three entities, the government, the medical and clinical personnel and the community. Additionally, the Committee encourages meetings of scientists in this field to exchange new methods, techniques and provides information to private doctors to incorporate them into the national programme. The financial contributions of the Committee for anti-TB activities reflects the priorities in the TB programme such as the insufficient health structure of the country and of the health personnel and, the scanty participation of private doctors in the programme. This approach is in contrast to developed countries such as Sweden, where the priority is placed on the field of investigation since social assistance covers the necessities and the costs. The Committee’s main income is from the sale of the stamps that it prints annually and which are available to the public during 8 months. This event is publicised through all possible media to encourage people’s participation and awareness of the TB programme. A society has been formed to promote the value of collecting various stamps and it is expected to help acquire financial resources for the TB programme.


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