b) Community Participation & Role of Voluntary Organizations
AU : Nagpaul DR
TI : NGOs: partners with government in NTP.
SO : INDIAN J TB 1993, 40, 1-2.
DT : Per
AB :

The editorial makes a case for encouraging the partnership of NGOs with the NTP to fight TB. The attitudes and perceptions of the Government, on one hand, and the NGOs, on the other, make this a complex proposition. Several reviews of the NTP’s performance over the last three decades concluded that the NTP’s achievements were below expectations despite notable progress made in some directions and that the programme was not likely to improve without better programme management and active participation in TB control activities by the people. Therefore, the Government, after the Surajkand deliberations in September 1991, accepted the recommendations of the TAI, one of which was the necessity to develop partnerships with NGOs. The changed facade of the NGOs, today, because of the large number of professionals that have joined them, adds to the benefits the NGOs would bring to a partnership. How the partnership should begin and the various mutual benefits for the Government and the NGOs in becoming partners are described.