c) Involvement of Private Practitioners
TI : The role of general practitioner and public health services in tuberculosis control.
SO : Proceedings of the Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases Workers Conference, 28th, Ahmedabad, India, 3-5 Feb, 1965, p. 64-74.
AB :

Today, the role of the GP in the TB control programme has increased from only providing early diagnosis as in the past. The GPs, perhaps due to fear of losing a patient, typically show apathy in prompt and accurate diagnosis and there is inadequate treatment of diagnosed patients. The role of the NTI is explained to get an idea of how GPs could be involved in follow-up of treatment. While 105 teams of TB officers and staff of the District Clinic, Ahmedabad had been trained thus far by NTI at Bangalore, nearly half had not gone back to establish diagnostic centers in their districts, as expected. To include GPs effectively in the national TB efforts, it is necessary to integrate the control programme with the public health services as is done in Gujarat. Here, because the Public Health Services and the Medical Health Services functioned under one head, there was no problem in getting co-operation from the Medical Officer of the PHCs. Regarding GP training, offering GPs a general medical refresher course with a special part devoted to TB, issuing pamphlets periodically on the latest developments in TB control and providing training for GPs at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in medical colleges are recommended actions. In teaching about TB, students should be taken to the TB Demonstration and Training Centers and emphasis should be on modern trends in the diagnosis and treatment, especially, at the community level. Some difficulties the GPs experienced in getting involved with the TB programme such as getting laboratory and X-ray exams for their patients are discussed. A voluntary body such as the TB Association could help by conducting post-graduate refresher courses, motivating defaulters and undertaking care and after-care work. Helping GPs update and expand their knowledge of TB, providing them with certain facilities will ensure their greater involvement in the NTP.