a) Community Survey Based
AU : Radha Narayan, Prabhakar S & Susy Thomas
TI : A sociological study of awareness of symptoms and action taking of persons with pulmonary tuberculosis (a re-survey).
SO : INDIAN J TB 1979, 26, 136-146.
DT : Per
AB :

A study on awareness of symptoms of pulmonary TB and action taking was repeated in the 62 villages and 4 town blocks of Tumkur district of Karnataka after an interval of 12 years. In the earlier study, 2106 persons formed the study population. In the present study, 1752 were intaken to obtain a comparison of these 1752 intaken persons who were eligible for interview, 875 were X-ray positive and 877 X-ray normal (matched control).

The study showed that 95% of patients having radiologically active TB by both X-ray readers, 70% by one reader, 49.5% inactive by both readers, were aware of symptoms. According to the bacteriological status 79.5% had symptoms among those who were sputum positive by both microscopy and culture, 62.2% among those positive by culture alone and 73.7% among patients sputum positive by any method. Regarding action taking it was observed that 49.5% of the bacteriologically positive patients took some action compared by 70% of those found to have radiologically active disease by both X-ray readers. Thus, action taking was higher among the latter category in both the studies. It may be due to the fact that extent of lesions are less advanced among those bacteriologically positive than among those who were in radiologically positive stage.

The findings of the study are similar to the earlier awareness study carried out in 1963 in the same area (Tumkur). This also indicates that in spite of having advantage of DTP for a decade actual and total benefits have not reached the people.