b) Measures to Improve Treatment Adherence
AU : Radha Narayan
TI : The need to have a health education component for the National Tuberculosis Programme.
SO : NTI NL 1977, 14, 6-19.
DT : Per
AB :

This paper describes the need for a Health Education Component in the NTP. The potential achievement of the programme activities viz., prevention, case finding and treatment has been established by studies conducted by the NTI. Corrective measures to achieve the potential would no doubt have to tackle all the three constituents of the programme viz., objectives, activities and resources. However, incorporation of a health education component in the crucial activities of the programme would help, where, under-achievement is due to the lack of knowledge and proper attitude both on the part of the patient and the health worker. In order to evolve an effective methodology, the goals of the health education component should be synchronised with those of the programme. While the health education aspects in the case-finding and treatment activities can be incorporated at health institutions and on an individual or group basis, education for the preventive activities has to be on a mass or community basis. While the nucleus of the community education should be on BCG vaccination, the mass media could be utilised for the overall TB education in the general population. Thus, there is scope for employing a variety of material, methods and media of health education in the NTP.