AU : Drapisch H
TI : Rehabilitating the tuberculous in Israel.
SO : AME REV RESPIR DIS 1960, 81, 9-16.
DT : Per
AB :

Shortly after the establishment of the state of Israel, 501 tuberculous patients were sent to the Rehabilitation Center for TB patients at Neve Chaim. Many of these tuberculous patients had arrived sick and destitute, had gone through the concentration camps, and, the torture, hunger and fear had seriously undermined their health. Their conditions, therefore, made treatment more complicated. The aim of the Center was to restore the patients’ self-respect and make each one a tax-paying citizen through environmental treatment, individual approach and vocational training. When necessary, the medical treatment was continued to ensure the patients’ eventual discharge. Vocational training was started at about the same time as the medical rehabilitation. In selecting a trade for the patient, the person’s inclinations, the educational level, results of psychotechnic tests, the medical condition and trades for which there were openings in the labor market were all taken into consideration. The average course ran 10 1/2 months and, on completion, the trainee took the General Federation of Labor Examination. Details of the medical data of the patients, their economic and social problems, discharge problems, non-rehabilitated patients, Programme B added to the general rehabilitation programme to help effect the rehabilitation of patients in the last stages of medical treatment and, follow-up studies to determine the medical, vocational and social status of each patient, are elaborated. The follow-up observations, which ran for more than six years, showed that 80% of the patients succeeded in becoming absorbed into their communities as normal, healthy citizens. Similar measures to rehabilitate the tuberculous are recommended to be carried out in hospitals and out-patient clinics and the need for a widespread public information campaign is underscored.