TI : Rehabilitation of the tuberculous: Editorial.
SO : INDIAN J TB 1963, 10, 131-133.
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The need for the rehabilitation of the tuberculous has been recognised for many decades, especially, by those engaged in the treatment of TB. A good deal of work has been done in the West in this line as manifested by the Papworth Village Settlement and the Preston Hall Rehabilitation Center in England, the Spiro Works in London and the Altro Workshops in New York. Though such colonies or settlements were attempted in a few places in India, as yet, no large scale concerted efforts have been made, probably because of the overwhelming pressure for treatment of the seriously sick and infectious. Due to the expansion and effectiveness of domiciliary treatment with the use of new anti-bacterial drugs, the village settlement type of rehabilitation is now redundant in India. The groups that need most help are the chronically ill who are still excreting Tubercle bacilli despite prolonged treatment and, those who have had lung resection and need to learn a different occupation because of reduced lung capacity. One rehabilitative measure is to have training given for cottage industries for the handicapped tuberculous and some of their family members. It is suggested that the Government should provide the necessary inducement and encouragement to non-official bodies who are better suited to provide physical and mental rehabilitation for the above patients. Suggestions are made for the involvement of the TAI in various ways to assist the TB control programme.