AU : Benjamin PV & Bordia NL
TI : Rehabilitation
SO : Textbook of Tuberculosis, TB Association of India, New Delhi, 1981, p. 597-598.
DT : M
AB :

There is still some need for rehabilitation of certain groups such as the chronically ill and the drug-failure patients. TB continues to afflict the various low-income groups. As the joint family system is fast disintegrating in India and longevity is increasing, people are to rely on their own resources, especially, when other family members are reluctant to bear the burden of the incapacitated person. None of the sheltered workshops or the colony established near Tambaram in the second Five- Year Development Plan have succeeded because the light industries or handicrafts started at each center were few and people could not find jobs after the training. The problem of rehabilitation is likely to arise among the unemployed and poor, urban population than among the rich or in the rural population. The practical solution to this problem is to get ex-patients trained in small, industrial/ vocational establishments near their homes to avoid difficulties such as daily travelling for long distances. Suggestions have been made to add certain trades to those that are offered for rehabilitation purposes. It is also recommended that social workers, with the doctors, should review the possibility of rehabilitation for every patient soon after the start of treatment to prepare the patient to adjust psychologically to the changed condition and for training.