AU : Giasuddin
TI : Treatment and rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients and control of disease.
SO : Eastern Region Conference of IUAT, 15th, Lahore, Pakistan, 10-13 Dec 1987, p. 235-238.
AB :

The objective of the study was to improve the financial condition of poor TB patients during and after the full course of treatment. Out of 1,472 suitable patients, 972 socio-economically poor and disabled TB patients from rural and urban areas were admitted to the Vocational Rehabilitation Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They were divided categorically and given vocational training in different areas based on their aptitude, education and socio-economic conditions. The progress of training of each patient was assessed every month. The details of the training given in different fields with the results of final assessments are presented in a table. After the final assessment of progress of training, the disease status and the provision of work facilities, 905 out of 972 patients received certificates. 67 patients did not receive certificates because they were far advanced cases and did not progress well after treatment. Those unsuccessful patients with minimal lesions left the hospital before completing their training. Based on the findings, it was concluded that control of TB could be achieved through effective treatment and provision of vocational training to patients so that they could complete the full course of treatment, earn money and properly rehabilitated.