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A Acquired Immuno Deficiency Synodrome :  AIDS
B Bacillus Calmette Guerin :  BCG
D Director / Directorate General of Health Services :  DGHS
  Directly Observed Treatement Shortcourse :  DOTS
  District Tuberculosis Centre :  DTC
  District Tuberculosis Programme :  DTP
G General Health Institution :  GHI
  General Health Services :  GHS
  General Practitioners :  GPs
H Human Immunodeficiency Virus :  HIV
I Indian Medical Association :  IMA
  International Union Against Tuberculosis :  IUAT
  International Union Against TB & Lung Diseases :  IUATLD
L Lady Willingdon TB Demonstration & Training Centre :  LWTDTC
N New Delhi TB Centre :  NDTC
  Non Governmental Organisation :  NGO
  National Tuberculosis Control Programme :  NTCP
  National Tuberculosis Institute :  NTI
  National Tuberculosis Programme :  NTP
P Primary Health Institution :  PHC
  Peripheral health Institution :  PHI
R Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme :  RNTCP
S South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation :  SAARC
  Short Course Chemotherapy :  SCC
  State Tuberculosis Centre :  STC
T Tuberculosis Association of India :  TAI
  Tuberculosis :  TB
  Tuberculosis Research Centre :  TRC
W World Health Organisation :  WHO
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