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a) Documents referred
b) List of keywords
c) Keywords with scope notes
d) Documents consulted for scope notes

a. Documents referred

1. Thesaurus specific to the database was constructed by consulting the following documents:


Classification schedules of different schemes of classification viz, Dewey Decimal Classification DDC, Colon Classification CC, Index to Indian Medical Periodicals, National Library of Medicine (NLM), Bethesda, Maryland, USA & Universal Decimal Classification UDC to gain gamut of the subject "social science".

II Drever, James:A dictionary of psychology, England; Penguin Books; 1952.
III Duncan, G Ed: A dictionary of sociology, London; Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1968.

Festinger, L and Katz, D Ed: Research methods in the behavioural sciences, New Delhi; American publishing co Pvt Ltd, 1964.


Kerlinger FN: Foundations of behavioural researchers, New York; Rinehart and Winston INC, 1964.


Blalock, HM and Blalock AB: Methodology in social research, New York; Mc Graw Hill book company, 1968.


Mathews CME: Health and culture in a south Indian village, New Delhi; Sterling publishers Pvt Ltd, 1979.


Galdston I: Social medicine: its derivations and objectives; New York; The common wealth fund, 1949.


King S: Perceptions of illness and medical practice: New York; Russell sage foundation, 1962.


Mehta SR : Society and health; a sociological perspective, New Delhi; Vikas publishing house Pvt Ltd, 1992.


Hyman HH et al:Interviewing in social research, USA; The university of Chicago press, 1955.


Goode WJ and Hatt PK: Methods in social research, Tokyo; Mc Graw Hill book co INC, 1952.


Gupta GR: The social and cultural context of medicine in India, New Delhi; Vikas publishing house Pvt Ltd, 1981.


Benjamin PD: Health, culture and community; case studies of public reactions to health programes, New York; Russel sage foundation, 1955.

XV Encyclopedia of social sciences.

2. Key words/primary descriptors were deduced jointly by Ms Sudha S Murthy Sr. Librarian NTI and Mr Sanjay Juvekar, former Research Officer, social science department FRCH Mumbai. Keywords with scope notes, narrow, related and broad terms, etc., are listed in Section b.

3. Assignment of keywords: Each record has been assigned multiple keywords keeping in view of different approaches to the subject content. However always first descriptor marks the major orientation with decreasing importance to the associated keywords, which are usually narrower, broader and related terms, etc.

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   a) Documents referred
   b) List of keywords
   c) Keywords with scope notes
    d) Documents consulted for scope notes