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  No of Records : 90 (87-176)
a) Health Policy, Delivery of Health Services & Health Care No of Records : 31 (87-117)
087 Legislation and tuberculosis.
088 Health problems and health practices in modern India: A historical interpretation.
089 India‘s National Tuberculosis Programme in relation to the proposed social and economic development plans.
090 Tuberculosis problem in India.
091 Tuberculosis programme as an integral component of the general health services.
092 Sociology and public health perspectives for application.
093 Health programmes and new directions in social and economic development.
094 Development of health services.
095 A tuberculosis programme for big cities.
096 Public health perspectives in the formulation of the National Tuberculosis Programme of India.
097 Problems and prospects of National Tuberculosis Programmes in developing countries.
098 Hospitalization for pulmonary tuberculosis: Editorial.
099 India‘s National Tuberculosis Programme- an overview.
100 Health services for Indian middle class: Editorial.
101 A national task force for NTP: Editorial.
102 Urban tuberculosis programme: The greater Bombay set up.
103 Tuberculosis programme: meeting the demand for its review.
104 Towards a rational national drug policy.
105 Surajkund deliberations.
106 The public health management of tuberculosis among the single homeless; is mass miniature X-ray screening effective?
107 Tuberculosis control in India: the urban viewpoint - Guest Editorial.
108 Tuberculosis programme in metropolitan cities.
109 Tuberculosis control policies in major metropolitan health departments in the United States V. Standard of practice in 1992.
110 Beyond four drugs. Public health policy and the treatment of the individual patient with tuberculosis.
111 Forum on Demand and supply of drugs (this title is constructed by the indexer for identifying the article as the information is without title).
112 Restrictive treatment policy for pulmonary tuberculosis in a low prevalence country.
113 Community infection ratio as an indicator for tuberculosis control.
114 Utilization of changing health infrastructure by National Tuberculosis Programme
115 Evaluation of a social health intervention among homeless tuberculosis patients
116 Sociological research conducted in the field of tuberculosis in India
117 Advancing tuberculosis control within reforming health systems
b) Community Participation & Role of Voluntary Organization No of Records : 33 (118-150)
118 The Tuberculosis Association of India.
119 The role of non-official organisation in the campaign against tuberculosis.
120 Tuberculosis in India-as seen by a layman.


Voluntary organisations and tuberculosis control programmes: Editorial.
122 Tuberculosis associations and domiciliary services: Editorial.
123 Organised home treatment in a small community: preliminary report.
124 The prospective role of voluntary tuberculosis associations throughout the world.
125 How can the voluntary bodies best assist in the global attack on tuberculosis.
126 Problems in the organisation and development of voluntary TB associations.
127 The encouragement of voluntary tuberculosis societies in undeveloped countries.
128 Problems in organization and development of voluntary tuberculosis associations.
129 The use of volunteers in programmes for tuberculosis control in voluntary and official organizations.
130 Quantification and social research : a trend analysis.
131 A scheme for community programme: Editorial.
132 Community participation in the tuberculosis programme.
133 The role and functions of voluntary tuberculosis associations.
134 The functions and roles of voluntary tuberculosis associations.
135 The functions and role of voluntary tuberculosis associations.
136 Role of the voluntary association in fight against tuberculosis in Korea.
137 Changing perspectives of voluntary tuberculosis associations.
138 Volunteers associations in the fight against tuberculosis.
139 Treatment of tuberculosis by community workers.
140 Voluntary agencies in tuberculosis.
141 Place of tuberculosis associations.
142 Role of non-medical voluntary body in active case detection and case holding in tuberculosis control programme.
143 Horizon for voluntary organisations: Editorial.
144 Case-study of three voluntary organisations doing anti-tuberculosis work in Gujarat.
145 NGOs: partners with government in NTP.
146 The role of non-governmental organizations.
147 Non governmental organisations in tuberculosis control in Western India.
148 Tuberculosis in the community: 1.Evaluation of a volunteer health worker programme to enhance adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment.
149 Tuberculosis in the community: 2. The perceptions of members of a tuberculosis health team toward a voluntary health worker programme
150 NGOs and TB control - Principles and examples for organizations joining the fight against TB; New Delhi
c) Involvement of Private Practitioners No of Records : 13 (151-163)
151 Role of the general medical practitioner in the control of tuberculosis.
152 The role of general practitioners in the control of tuberculosis in India.
153 The role of general practitioner and public health services in tuberculosis control.
154 General practitioners and tuberculosis: Editorial.
155 Panel discussion on “Involvement of general practitioners in diagnosis, case-detection, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.
156 The physician's role in tuberculosis prevention.
157 Treatment of tuberculosis by private general practitioners in India
158 Private doctors and tuberculosis control in India
159 Tuberculosis management in private practice and its implications
160 The private medical sector and tuberculosis control in India
161 Physician compliance with national tuberculosis treatment guidelines: a university hospital study
162 Tuberculosis patients and practitioners in private clinics in India
163 Tuberculosis treatment management under a private medical practitioner
d) Health Economics No of Records : 13 (164-176)
164 Some aspects of the economics of tuberculosis in India.
165 Economics of health.
166 Health economics in developing countries.
167 Economics of health-the cost of tuberculosis.
168 Tuberculosis in developing countries: burden, intervention and cost.
169 The potential economic benefits of the DOTS strategy against TB in India edited by Almeida J
170 Expenditure and loss of income incurred by tuberculosis patients before reaching effective treatment in Bangladesh
171 Tuberculosis control and economic issues
172 Review of the Indian market of anti-tuberculosis drugs : focus on the utilisation of Rifampicin-based products
173 The status and prospects of tuberculosis control in India
174 Modeling the epidemiology and economics of directly observed therapy in Baltimore
175 Estimate of the global market for Rifampicin-containing fixed-dose combination tablets
176 Requirements for anti tuberculosis drug tender requests
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