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  No of Records : 22 (177-198)
a) Community Survey Based No of Records : 16 (177-192)
177 A sociological study of the awareness of symptoms among persons with pulmonary
178 Knowledge of tuberculosis among healthy people and tuberculosis patients as a factor in public acceptance of the methods of prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.
179 A medico-social study of pulmonary tuberculosis in Mati village, Lucknow.
180 A sociological study of awareness of symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis and action taken by the patients to seek relief.
181 A sociological study of awareness of symptoms and action taking of persons with pulmonary tuberculosis (a re-survey).
182 Illness perception and medical relief in rural communities.
183 Study of utilisation of general health and tuberculosis services by a rural community.
184 A study on knowledge and attitude towards tuberculosis in a rural area of West Bengal.
185 Awareness about tuberculosis among general population: A pilot study.
186 Awareness of tuberculosis: Editorial.
187 Sample survey of awareness of symptoms and utilisation of health facilities by chest symptomatics.
188 Tuberculosis awareness among educated public in two cities in Tamil Nadu
189 Knowledge of tuberculosis in high-risk populations:survey of inner city minorities
190 Fate of pulmonary tuberculosis patients diagnosed in a prevalence survey – A socio- epidemiological follow up after five years
191 Knowledge of tuberculosis in a south Indian rural community, initially and after health education
192 Community involvement in tuberculosis control : lessons from other health care programmes
b) Health Centre Based No of Records : 6 (192-198)
193 Behaviour of tuberculous patients towards a treatment organisation offering limited
194 Some implications of the observed socio-epidemiological characteristics of out-patients attending a city tuberculosis control centre.
195 A socio-epidemiological study of out-patients attending a city tuberculosis clinic in India to judge the place of specialised centres in a tuberculosis control programme.
196 The tuberculosis patient's knowledge about his disease.
197 Anti-tuberculosis shibirs (TB camps) where work becomes a pleasure.
198 Long term sociological follow up of symptom recurrence and action taken by tuberculosis patients.
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Chapter III   a) Community Survey Based  b) Health Centre Based