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  No of Records : 28 (270-297)
  270 The work of care and after care committees.
271 Rehabilitation and after care in tuberculosis.
272 Medical social service in tuberculosis control.
273 Rehabilitation of the tuberculous.
274 Rehabilitation of tuberculosis ex-patients.
275 Rehabilitation of the tuberculous.
276 Tuberculosis rehabilitation & F.O.S.A.
277 Rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients after treatment.
278 Social services for the tuberculous and their families.
279 Medical social service in a tuberculosis sanatorium.
280 Medical social service in a tuberculosis sanatorium.
281 Medical social service for the tuberculous.
282 Rehabilitation of the tuberculous.
283 Problems of relief for poor Tuberculosis patients.
284 Problems of relief to poor tuberculous patients.
285 Medical social workers in TB control.
286 Occupational therapy in the hospital.
287 Vocational rehabilitation in pulmonary tuberculosis today.
288 Rehabilitating the tuberculous in Israel.
289 Rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients in industry.
290 Rehabilitation of the tuberculous: Editorial.
291 Out-patient care in tuberculosis (non-medical aspects).
292 Rehabilitation problems among special types of tuberculous patients.
293 The persisting importance of rehabilitation of TB patients.
294 Social work as a profession in India: a sociological analysis.
295 Rehabilitation.
296 Treatment and rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients and control of disease.
297 How important is community social worker for TB patients?
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