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  No of Records : 86 (01-86)
a) Sociological considerations No of Records : 30 (01-30)
001 The characteristics of tuberculosis as a community disease.
002 Sociology and tuberculosis: a brief review.
003 The importance of the social sciences for the control of tuberculosis in underdeveloped areas of the world.
004 The medical sciences and the Indian society.
005 Medical social work with special reference to tuberculosis.
006 Medical practice in India: Its sociological implications.
007 Some social aspects of the National Tuberculosis Programme.
008 Social and other factors in intrafamilial transmission of tuberculosis.
009 India’ s National Tuberculosis Programme in relation to the proposed social and economic development plans.
010 Chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. Social aspects.
011 Medical and social aspects of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis in Finland.
012 The death throes of tradition: change in a tuberculosis sanatorium.
013 Social aspects of tuberculosis problem in India.
014 Social and psychological aspects of tuberculosis control programme.
015 A social perspective of India’s tuberculosis programme.
016 A social revolution in public health.
017 Tuberculosis and social class – Leading article.
018 Tuberculosis: A chemotherapeutic triumph but a persistence socio-economic problem.
019 Social aspects of the tuberculosis problem in India.
020 Socio-economic factors in tuberculosis - Correspondence.
021 Importance of human factors in tuberculosis control .
022 Sociological aspect of tuberculosis for programme assessment.
023 The social benefits of anti-tubercular chemotherapy.
024 Social research in tuberculosis.
025 A social science approach to strengthening India`s National Tuberculosis Programme.
026 Tuberculosis control and social change.
027 Childhood tuberculosis in Leeds, 1982-90: social and ethnic factors and the role of the contact clinic in diagnosis.
028 Sociological aspect of tuberculosis: plea for its adoption in programme assessment.
029 National Tuberculosis Control Programme - A social perspective.
030 Tackling TB - the search for solutions
b) Socio-Cultural, Socio-Economic & Demographic Aspects No of Records : 28 (31-58)
031 Some economic and emotional problems of the tuberculosis patient and his family.
032 Human relationships in tuberculosis.
033 The validity of socio-economic differentials in tuberculosis mortality.
034 Report on a study of migration in four taluks of Bangalore district.
035 Tuberculosis: A problem of social planning in developing countries.
036 The socio-economic aspects of tuberculosis.
037 Family problems of Tuberculosis patients.
038 The railway and the social aspects of tuberculosis.
039 Socio-cultural factors and health planning.
040 Tuberculosis in rural Haiti.
041 Beliefs about tuberculosis and their implications to health education.
042 Tuberculosis in the world.
043 The contribution of medical measures to the decline of mortality from respiratory tuberculosis: An age period-Cohort model.
044 Socio-cultural context of tuberculosis treatment: a case study of southern Gujarat.
045 A clinical and socio-economic study of hospitalized patients of tuberculosis.
046 Tuberculosis problem seen epidemiologically and sociologically simultaneously.
047 The relationship between socio-economic factors and pulmonary tuberculosis.
048 Social and cultural factors in the successful control of Tuberculosis.
049 "TB voyages" into High Arctic gave MD`s a look at a culture in transition.
050 Seminar on socio-cultural aspects of tuberculosis.
051 Socio-economic factors influencing tuberculosis; A status report of findings at Sagalee, during mass sputum sample survey with effect from 12-3-84 to 31-3-84.
052 Urban deprivation and tuberculosis in the elderly.
053 Socio-cultural dimensions of tuberculosis.
054 Social and operational determinants of patient behaviour in lung tuberculosis.
055 Gender differentials in tuberculosis: the role of socio-economic and cultural factors
056 Historical declines in tuberculosis in England and Wales: improving social conditions or natural selection?
057 Socio-economic impact of tuberculosis on patients and family in India.
058 Tuberculosis preventive therapy: perspective from a multi-ethnic community
c) Behavioural And Psychological Factors No of Records : 28 (59-86)
059 Psychology of the tuberculosis patient and the role of the physician.
060 A method for evaluating the attitudes of tuberculous patients.
061 Some relationships between personality and behaviour in hospitalized tuberculosis patients.
062 Evidence of psychosocial factors in the development of pulmonary tuberculosis.
063 Some psychological aspects of pulmonary tuberculosis.
064 Tuberculosis and unsocial elements of the community.
065 The problem of self-administration of Drugs; with particular reference to pulmonary tuberculosis
066 Psychosomatic factors in the rate of recovery from tuberculosis.
067 Emotional factors in the causation of pulmonary tuberculosis.
068 Some behavioral factors in the control of tuberculosis in a rural county.
069 Out-patient care in tuberculosis (non-medical aspects).
070 Psychological factors in tuberculosis.
071 Tuberculosis, a problem of human suffering.
072 A medical-social investigation: Treatment taken prior to reporting at specialized tuberculosis institutions.
073 Psycho-social survey of tuberculosis.
074 Ageing and related social problems of tuberculotic patients.
075 Psychological survey of tuberculosis patients.
076 Personality and its influence on recovery in pulmonary tuberculosis.
077 Incidence of depression in hospitalized tuberculosis patients.
078 Personality problems in tuberculosis alcoholics.
079 Psychiatric morbidity in pulmonary tuberculosis.
080 Psychosocial study of tuberculosis patients.
081 Cognitive and affective reactions of black urban South African towards tuberculosis.
082 Behavioural factors.
083 Homicide by a tuberculous prisoner possibly having drug induced acute delusional psychosis
084 Care seeking behaviour and diagnostic processes in patients with smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis in Malawi
085 Emotional problems amongst hospitalised tuberculosis patients in Delhi
086 Psychiatric morbidity in Tuberculosis patients
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