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  No of Records : 71 (199-269)
a) Treatment Failure & The Problem of Non Adherence No of Records : 36 (199-234)
199 Fall-out and irregularities - Domiciliary chemotherapy.
200 Study of 450 TB patients who were irregular and non-cooperative in treatment.
201 Study of 450 TB patients who were irregular in taking treatment.
202 Drug default in an urban community.
203 Panel discussion on treatment default: administrative, organizational and sociological considerations.
204 Treatment default of tuberculosis patients in a domiciliary service clinic at Lucknow.
205 A follow-up study of patients of pulmonary tuberculosis treated in an urban clinic.
206 Treatment defaults among tuberculosis patients seen in a rural clinic near Delhi.
207 An appraisal of different procedures of home visiting for reducing drug default - an interim report.
208 Drug default in tuberculosis.
209 A study of default in drug intake by patients of pulmonary tuberculosis in Indore.(MP).
210 Patient compliance: The most serious remaining problem in the control of tuberculosis in the United States.

Failure in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis : Potential causes and their avoidance.

212 An assessment of default and non-compliance in tuberculosis control in Pakistan.
213 An Overview of Compliance in Tuberculosis Treatment Programmes
214 Reasons for failure in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in Ethiopians.
215 Compliance with anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy in developing countries.
216 Compliance in developed nations.
217 Patients’ compliance towards different drug regimens under District Tuberculosis Programme.
218 Case-holding and treatment failures under a TB clinic operating rural setting.
219 Factors associated with poor patient compliance with anti-tuberculosis therapy in Northwest Perak, Malaysia.
220 In search of factors responsible for non-compliance among tuberculosis patients in Wardha district, India.
221 The human dimension of tuberculosis control.
222 When tuberculosis treatment fails: A social behavioural account of patient adherence.
223 Factors associated with compliance in treatment of tuberculosis.
224 Compliance with tuberculosis therapy.
225 Failure of tuberculosis control: a prescription for change.
226 High-compliance tuberculosis treatment programme in a rural community.
227 Staff and patient attitudes to tuberculosis and compliance with treatment: an exploratory study in a district in Vietnam
228 Tuberculosis in the community: 2. The perceptions of members of a tuberculosis health team toward a voluntary health worker programme
229 Tuberculosis : Adherence to regimens and Directly Observed Therapy
230 Treatment dynamics and profile of tuberculosis patients under the District Tuberculosis Programme (DTP) – A prospective cohort study
231 Tuberculosis and health sector reform in Bangladesh
232 Patient and disease characteristics, and outcome of treatment defaulters from the Singapore TB control unit – a one-year retrospective survey
233 A randomised trial of the impact of counselling on treatment adherence of tuberculosis patients in Sialkot, Pakistan
234 Who fails to complete tuberculosis treatment? Temporal trends and risk factors for treatment interruption in a community-based directly observed therapy programme in a rural district of South Africa
b) Measures to Improve Treatment Adherence No of Records : 35 (235-269)
235 Changes affecting community health education practice since 1944.
236 Health education in tuberculosis.
237 Effect of financial incentive on attendance of tuberculosis patients receiving supervised twice-weekly treatment in an urban clinic.
238 Regularity of treatment in rural clinic - Influence of tape-recorded exposure.
239 A model for motivation of tuberculosis patients under the National Tuberculosis Programme.
240 The need to have a health education component for the National Tuberculosis Programme.
241 Compliance: inducements and enforcements.
242 Influence of initial motivation on treatment of tuberculosis patients.
243 Influence of motivation of patients and their family members on the drug collection by patients.
244 Problem of drug default and role of ‘Motivation’.
245 Impact of extra motivation among tuberculosis patients on the duration of their unbroken drug continuity- An approach.
246 Motivation assessment scoring scale-its impact on case holding under National Tuberculosis Programme.
247 Enhancing patient compliance with tuberculosis therapy.
248 Influence of initial and repeated motivation on case holding in North Arcot district.
249 Importance of motivation in District Tuberculosis Programme.
250 Influence of prior information of drug toxicity on patient compliance.
251 A simple scheme to improve compliance in patients taking tuberculosis medication.
252 Motivation of tuberculosis patients.
253 Patient to patient motivation - an additional effort to improve compliance.
254 Holistic health education: Editorial.
255 Compliance in alcoholic pulmonary tubercular patients - Role of motivation.
256 Delay in diagnosis, notification and initiation of treatment and compliance with tuberculosis.
257 Alternative approaches to improve treatment adherence in tuberculosis control programme.
258 Improving treatment compliance by observing differences in treatment irregularity
259 Tuberculosis control in remote districts of Nepal comparing patient-responsible short-course chemotherapy with long-course treatment
260 Study of the feasibility of involving male student volunteers in case holding in an urban tuberculosis programme
261 An incentive in tuberculosis preventive therapy for an inner city population
262 Anti-tuberculosis treatment failure in clinical practice
263 Shared vision - a health education project designed to enhance adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment
264 TB patients and private for profit health care providers in India
265 An alternative method of providing supervised Short Course Chemotherapy in District Tuberculosis Programme
266 Follow-up of Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients treated with Short Course Chemotherapy through traditional birth attendants (Dais)
267 Patient-provider interaction in the community based case management of tuberculosis in the urban district of Bangalore city, south India
268 Treatment costs of directly observed therapy and traditional therapy for mycobacterium tuberculosis : a comparative analysis
269 Improving compliance to chemotherapy
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