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Library should be upgraded with RNTCP and other modern teaching materials, with support of the CTD.


The technical and operational guidelines of RNTCP related to diagnosis, case finding and treatment of TB patients should be appropriately incorporated in the teaching curricula.


Besides its inclusion in theoretical teaching, practical training in the DOTS strategy should be introduced by exposing students through field visits and clinical posting at RNTCP centres. Rural training centres should be upgraded to handle TB patients under the RNTCP. This should include community based problem solving to support the continuous improvement of the RNTCP.


Medical colleges should organise workshops and CME programmes for control of TB on a regular basis.


All medical colleges should follow the MCI recommendation for posting of UGs and interns to TB departments.


Updates on the current status of RNTCP should be sent by programme division regularly to all medical colleges for use in teaching and further dissemination to the community.

Other roles of Medical Colleges in programme implementation


Medical colleges in co-ordination with local programme officials should undertake leadership and advocacy role and support in implementation of the programme in the Districts/States. They should be a role model of proper management of patients under the RNTCP. Medical colleges should work as a liaison between the community and the programme.


Representatives from medical colleges should be included as members in the District/State TB societies. Medical colleges should be involved in policy and planning of the RNTCP at district, state, and national levels.


The potential of medical colleges in training should be fully utilised. This includes training private practitioners and others about the programme, and conducting training in different aspects of RNTCP, particularly for LTs and laboratory supervisors, and training in data analysis and programme management for programme officers.

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