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Establishment of Nodal Centres


Selected medical colleges should function as nodal centres in the four zones of the country. These nodal centres will form a base for the core group to operate in their identified region/states.


The core group will facilitate adoption of RNTCP in practice and teaching by increasing number of colleges through advocacy for the programme and conducting sensitization workshops, training etc. They may undertake visits to these medical colleges for these purposes. They may also be involved in appraisal of districts to assess the preparedness for service delivery as well as in monitoring and supervisory activities of the programme.


This group should monitor specific targets in terms of plans and recommendations and should systematically monitor:

Number of medical colleges in RNTCP areas serving as designated MCs, TUs, and treatment observation centres, and the number of medical colleges within RNTCP areas which are not serving in any of these functions;

The impact of advocacy, sensitization and other activities undertaken by the group in facilitating adoption of RNTCP by colleges not yet involved in the programme; and its impact in improving services amongst those already involved in the programme;

Highlighting the effectiveness of collaboration of successful centres and its lessons disseminated;

Teaching of RNTCP incorporated into medical college curriculum at various levels.


The nodal centres will undertake activities in co-ordination with the CTD, GOI.


The nodal centres should be provided with necessary support for undertaking these activities by the RNTCP.

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