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Annexure - A : Group Work
Implementation of RNTCP in Medical Colleges

Group 1a


List of Group Members

Sl. No. Name College
1 Dr Gopalakrishnaiah Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad
2 Dr Bina Doley Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh
3 Dr G.K Khuller PGIMER, Chandigarh
4 Dr K.V Shah BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad
5 Lt Col D Bhattacharyya AFMC, Pune
6 Dr Christopher Christian Medical College, Vellore
7 Wg Cdr K.V Ganesh Armed Forces Command Hospital, Bangalore
8 Dr M.K Maitra R.G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata
9 Dr T.P Rajagopal Calicut Medical College, Calicut
10 Dr. J.N Pande AIIMS, New Delhi
11 Dr S.K Kapoor AIIMS, New Delhi
12 Dr Ragini St John’s Medical College, Bangalore

Rapporteurs :

Dr V.K Chadha, Sr Epidemiologist, NTI
Dr Rajeev Chavan & Dr K.N Prasad, WHO RNTCP Medical Consultants.


Advocacy and training

Policy makers - Director of Medical Education, Dean and Principal to be sensitized on the policies of RNTCP.

One faculty from each medical college to be trained at a National Institute, who in turn shall be responsible for sensitization of other faculty members through open discussion, CMEs, etc.

A resource group to be formed for conducting training workshops in medical colleges.

Case finding

The case finding algorithm of RNTCP to be followed.

Binocular microscopes, Lab. reagents, stationary, slides and sputum cups, etc. to be supplied by the programme.


RNTCP regimen to be followed.

There is need for review of guidelines for treating failures and chronic cases.

Effective referral and feedback to be ensured by the MO (DOTS).

Seriously ill cases to be admitted and given daily regimen under direct observation, referred to respective RNTCP center on discharge.

All rifampicin containing regimen to be given under direct observation in intensive phase.

Supply of drugs to be ensured by the DTC.

Establishment of DOT centers.

Microscopy and DOT center should be mandatory in the medical college; possibility of setting up TU be explored.

Head of chest medicine dept. or any faculty member designated by him would be responsible for smooth implementation of RNTCP in the medical college.

DOT for cases residing within 5 Km radius, others to be referred to other centers close to residence of patient.

DOT directory in the district to be provided by DTO and displayed in the DOT center.

There be a separate physical structure for implementing DOTS.

A MO, one LT, one TO - supervisory staff wherever required to be provided from the programme. Computer be provided wherever required.

Each medical college be provided with a list of RNTCP, SCC and SR districts in the state.

MO-DOT center to ensure effective referral and feedback.

Non seriously ill patients not to be initiated on treatment and referred to the respective district.

Seriously ill patients to be put on regimen according to the district and later transferred.

Records and reports

Lab forms, Lab register, Treatment cards, to be maintained as per RNTCP guidelines and reports to be submitted to the DTC.

The microscopy and DOT facility in medical college to be open for supervision.

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