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Annexure - A : Group Work
Incorporating RNTCP into Medical College Curriculum

Group 2a


List of Group Members

Sl. No. Name College
1 Dr B.V.N Brahmeswara Rao Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
2 Dr Arun Prasad Rajendra Medical College, Ranchi
3 Dr Govindrajan Medical College, Coimbatore
4 Dr M.M Singh TB Association of India, New Delhi
5 Dr L.S Pal Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla
6 Wg Cdr S Jauhari Armed Forces Command Hospital, Bangalore
7 Dr Sreekanthan Thiruvananthapuram Medical College,
8 Dr (Mrs) Alka Deshpande Grant Medical College, Mumbai
9 Dr K Dorai Singan Medical College, Thanjavur
10 Dr Mohamad Mustafa Medical College, Calicut
11 Dr Ashok Shankar Singh Patna Medical College, Patna
12 Dr Huliraj N Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore

Rapporteurs :

Dr P.S Vaidyanathan, SMO, NTI.
Dr Alka Singh & Dr R.K Tandon, WHO RNTCP Medical Consultants


RNTCP is consistently giving good results. Still large number of patients are being treated outside RNTCP. There is a need to involve Medical colleges in RNTCP and to train future doctors. First step should be to sensitize Medical college teachers through regular CMEs and include RNTCP in Medical curriculum. Course curriculum should include practical & theoretical aspects for undergraduate, postgraduate & intern training.


RNTCP should be included in curriculum of pharmacology (e.g. intermittent therapy), microbiology, internal medicine & PSM.

Text books published by API & other bodies should include operational & technical aspects of RNTCP.

Updates on RNTCP should be sent to the Dean and various departments from the Central/State TB Control Programme Officer.

Each medical college should have a MC with DOTS center in order to demonstrate and give practical training.

This should be made a basic requirement for recognition by MCI.

Questions on RNTCP should be included in the examination & entrance examinations.

RNTCP should be encouraged as a topic for dissertation.

Director Medical Education of the States/ MCI should be involved for including RNTCP in medical curriculum.

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