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Annexure - A : Group Work
Other roles of Medical Colleges in Programme Implementation

Group 3b


List of Group Members

Sl. No. Name College
1 Dr S.K Agarwal Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi
2 Lt Col V.J Menezes Command Hospital, Bangalore
3 Dr K.A Masali B.M Patil Medical college, Bijapur
4 Dr M Hennephabi Thiruvananthapuram Medical College,Thiruvananthapuram
5 Dr Sudha Yadav B.J Medical College, Ahmedabad
6 Dr Bhimrao S Jadhav Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane
7 Col Sai Prasad AFMC, Pune
8 Dr Sivaprakasam Stanley Medical College, Chennai
9 Dr P.P Roy Medical College, Kolkata
10 Dr R Srinivasan Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur
11 Prof Sanjay Mehrotra K.G Medical College, Lucknow
12 Dr Palaniyappan Madurai Medical College, Madurai
13 Dr Chandramouli St John’s Medical College, Bangalore

Rapporteurs :

Dr Chitra Nagaraj, CMO, NTI.
Dr S.S Lal & Dr Rita Bose, WHO RNTCP Medical Consultants.


Operational research to identify the problems in implementation and suggest solutions.

Clinical research.

Patient satisfaction in DOTS therapy.

Impact evaluation.

Drug sensitivity studies.



Health personnel of various categories.

Training NGOs.

Opinion leaders.

CMEs for various health functionaries.

Orientation of other specialties.

Training of trainers.


Providing a role model of effective leadership to future doctors.

Developing communication skills.

Development of skills to act as effective team leader and effective team member.

Periodic evaluation:

Periodic evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of RNTCP programme involving concerned specialities.

Policy planning

Involvement of medical colleges at the time of policy decisions and revisions in reference to RNTCP.

Sharing of information

Data of research should be published and circulated widely to derive maximum benefit.

Research output can be used for policy formulation.

Development of IEC materials

Contribution in preparation of IEC materials like posters, films, brochures and video clipping.

Membership in District TB society

A representative from medical college to be included in the District TB Society, preferably those who have been sensitized on RNTCP.

Role in quality control of microscopy

Certain percentage of slides should be cross checked randomly at medical colleges.

Preparation of panel slides by medical colleges for sending to MCs for quality checking.

Culture facilities in medical colleges

Development of culture facilities by identifying one institution as apex institution at the state level.

Regional monitoring centres

One medical college may be identified as a zonal centre to monitor the performance of medical colleges in RNTCP to co-ordinate with CTD.


Medical colleges can play a major role in advocacy at various levels.

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