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Past, Present and Futureof TB Control Programme in India
Prof. M.M. Singh,
Vice Chairman
TB Association of India, New Delhi


The National Sample Survey conducted by ICMR in 1955-58 documented the alarming burden of TB. GOI launched the NTP in 1962 to tackle this problem. The programme was based on a 50:50 sharing basis between the Central and State government. The NTP performed the commendable job of establishing 446 DTCs, 330 TUs in urban areas and in setting up 47,000 beds for TB patients. The programme was implemented integrating it with the general health care system of the country. However, in spite of all good intentions, it failed to make any significant epidemiological impact.

A programme review of the NTP by a team of national and international experts was undertaken in 1992. The problems identified by the team amongst several others were:

Undue importance given to X-ray as a primary means of diagnosis
Undue importance on case detection rather than cure/treatment completion
Irregular supply of drugs
The wide use of non-standardized treatment regimens
Poor follow up of patients with results of only completion of treatment being available

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