HRD and Documentation Division


The Institute has pioneered in the field of Human Resources Development. It is involved in conducting the following training programmes to the TB Programme Managers positioned at different parts of the country.


1.         RNTCP & TB-HIV Modular training Programme are conducted at NTI where STDCs, STOs, DTOs, MO-TCs and faculty of Medical Colleges participated.

2.         Managing Information for Action (MIFA) Training .

3.         Training in Preventive maintenance and minor repairs of Binocular Microscopes.

4.         EPI Centre Training Workshop.

5.         Workshop for Microbiologist for updating training material guidelines for National Reference Laboratories.

6.         SAARC Regional Training of Microbiologist on Culture & DST of MTB.

7.         TB Operational Research Workshop.

8.         PCR based LPA Training.

9.          Orientation programme of one day duration were organized for about 1181 undergraduate Medical, Microbiology and Nursing and Pharmacy students sponsored by different Institute across the country.

10.    External Quality Assessment (EQA) has been given importance under RNTCP in the recent years. Training on the procedures of EQA was imparted to the Laboratory personnel of different parts of the country. Training in Culture & DST / Smear Microscopy are imparted to Microbiologists/Lab technicians.

11. Publication Activities: The faculty of the Institute publish research papers in the leading journals on TB. Make Presentations and Poster sessions on the basis of the research studies conducted by the institute in the National Conference on TB and Chest Disease.

      The in-house publications of NTI Bulletin are undertaken.

12. As a large number of people are trained at various levels, however the details of the people trained are not available. Therefore, it is proposed to have a TB trained Manpower data base of the country at NTI