Our Experiences

NTI Bulletin 1997, 33/3&4, 63

this issue, a new feature on "Our experiences" is being introduced. This will becomes regular part in the forthcoming issues. This feature briefly describes the innovative ways of managing the situations in field work during research or monitoring activities. Any research worker/field worker can send his/her experience to the Editor, NTI Bangalore for publication in the NTI Bulletin. However, it should not be more than a page.

On 25th October 1994 a team from NTI visited PHC, Kunigal in Tumkur district, Kamataka for verification of DOTs workers in an ongoing study on "Efficiency of alternative methods of delivery of supervised ambulatory short course chemotherapy in District Tuberculosis Programme". It was found that a patient named Manjunath, an auto riksha driver by profession was receiving DOTS from a hotel worker by name Sri Ramesh in the intensive phase of treatment and not by a Dai as recommended. The hotel worker informed that the patient visited the hotel for breakfast daily and he was given anti-IB drugs with his breakfast which was taken in his presence. The hotel worker collected the drags from the

PHI on fortnightly basis. We also found that the hotel worker was maintaining the treatment card during the period he gave drugs to the patient. It was very heartening to see that the patient took the treatment from the hotel worker without any hesitation. It is evident that a harmonious relationship existed between them and it suited both the receiver and the provider, as the patient got his drugs without any hazels and hotel got its business. Initially the PHI staff were hesitant to reveal the identity of the DOTS worker to us but it was the delight of the team to stumble upon a new DOT worker in the process.

It is evident from the above episode that there may be many innovative ways of giving DOTS according to the needs and convenience of the patients & DOT worker. This is a good example to note where a hotel worker could act as an efficient DOTS provider in treatment of TB patients. -. ,-?.- , -~ •- ,. •, • -• :-• -;

                   V   V Siddarthan

                      Sr Social Investigator,
                       Control Section, NTI


Tuberculosis is still the*first cause of disease and   death by  a single  infectious agentIn  'tuberculosis, successful treatment  is the best prevention.    —-~ —~    " 



Source: Luelmo P: Hospital Today 1996, 1/10, 23.