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Human Resource Development & Documentation Division 



One of the salient activities of the Institute is to provide human resource development facilities and services for enhancing and sustaining the capabilities of NTEP (NTEP – earlier known as RNTCP) programme managers and other TB service providers through Modular reading, PPTs, hands on training, and relevant skill development.  The three units of the Division are:

a)       Training and Coordination Unit

b)      Computer Training Unit

c)      Library & Documentation Unit

A.  Training and Coordination Unit

The objective of the NTEP training programmes is to ensure programme managers, teachers of medical colleges, medical officers and paramedical staff are equipped with the skill set and knowledge required to implement and sustain   TB control activities, including quality assured diagnosis of TB, management of drug sensitive TB,  TB comorbity ,   TB-HIV Co-infection management,  drug resistant TB management, data management and forging partnerships with all sectors involved in TB control activities. Training courses and workshops with respect to many aspects of TB control are conducted to accommodate the ever-increasing requirement of trained personnel.   Programme managers are imparted induction training update training and refresh training.

 Training activities at NTI pertaining to NTEP, are coordinated by the HRD unit at Central Tuberculosis Division (CTD). The tentative plan for training activities to be held at NTI is prepared for the ensuing year and sent to CTD, which in turn communicates the same to all State TB Officers. This ensures a staggered nomination of eligible candidates in appropriate batch sizes and allows for suitable time to ensure release of participants from their offices for attending the training programmes.  Online training courses are also being conducted.   The Training Unit works synchronously with the Hostel, Stores, Laboratory and Transport Units of the Institute to ensure smooth organization of training activities.

B.  Computer Training Unit:

 The Institute is suitably equipped to conduct online training programmes and host online webinars, conferences, workshops and meetings.  The computer training unit also maintains the computer systems in the campus and network integrity, apart from hosting the intranet emailing system of the Institute.  The unit also supports usage of Nikshay at the NRL level.

C.  Library & Documentation Unit

The Library unit has many valuable books and series for the perusal of TB workers.  It also provides many scientific journals for keeping the staff and others up to date with the developments in the medical field.  There is also a facility to read online journals which the Institute has subscribed.  The facility is extended to research students also with requisite permission from the Director of the Institute.

National Tuberculosis Institute conducts training programmes for the National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) program officials/ personnel working for TB via the online as well as the offline mode:  

Name of Training Programme


Personnel trained

Curriculum Used

Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program Training Course for Medical Officers and TB Program Managers 

12 days

National Level Officer, STO, DTO, Medical college faculty, NGO Officer

Module 1- 9

Procurement and Supply Chain Management (with CTD)

05 days

State Stores Officer, DTO

Nikashay Oushadi 

Nikshay Training 

03 days

National Level Officer, STO, DTO,  NGO Officer, DEO


EQA of Sputum Smear Microscopy

05 days

DTO, Laboratory Technician


Liquid Culture &  DST

05  days

Microbiologist, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician


Line Probe Assay

05 days

Microbiologist, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician



04 days



Comprehensive Training

12 days

Microbiologist, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician


EQA Sensitization (NTI-ICELT)

02 days

Microbiologist, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician


CBNAAT EQA Sensitization (NTI- ICELT)

02 days

Microbiologist, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician


Training in Liquid Culture &  DST (NTI-ICELT)

06 days

Microbiologist, Senior Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Technician



01 day

Paramedical and Medical Student




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