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inaugxxx.jpg (8171 bytes)Tuberculosis    (TB)    has  always  been   recognized  as  an  important Public    Health    problem.   The   ICMR   survey   of  1955-58   showed that  there were 4  sputum  smear  positive  cases  and 16 radiologically positive cases of pulmonary TB per 1000 population and this problem was  equally distributed in rural  and  urban  areas.  Considering the magnitude  of   the  problem,  a   need   was   felt   for  formulating  a   programme   addressing   these   issues.    Hence,   the   NATIONAL   TUBERCULOSIS  INSTITUTE was established in 1959 at Bangalore   by   the   Government  of  India,  in   the   AVALON   building   made  available    by    erstwhile   Maharaja of  Mysore.  The   technical assistance  in terms  of  Manpower,  Machinery and Equipment from World Health Organization; Vehicle & Equipments  from UNICEF were  of  great  asset  in  the  formative  years of NTI. This  institute  is a centre to formulate TB  Control  Programme   best suited  to a country like India, where the TB problem is large and the resources are meager.  The   Institute  undertook several Operational Research Studies and evolved a nationally applicable  TB Control  Programme.  Furthermore,  the  Institute also  trains the key personnel to run the programme through District TB Centers. This  nationally  evolved  TB Control Programme has been adopted by several other countries. 

Prior  to  establishment  of  NTI, most of existing knowledge of TB was confined to its clinical aspects. NTI supplemented  this clinical knowledge with Epidemiological, Sociological, Operational and Organizational studies to devise an effective programme for controlling TB in the community.

 The  NTI  is  designated  as  WHO  Collaborating  centre  for  TB  research  & training since June 1985. The activities as a collaborating centre are as follows


To organise   training   activities  in  TB  control  for medical and paramedical personnel, in policies and Procedures consistent with the WHO-recommended DOTS strategy.


To monitor and supervise TB Control programme in the country.


To plan,   coordinate   and   execute  TB  research in epidemiology, surveillance of drug resistance and operations of control strategies relevant to regional and national programme delivery.


To augment  the  dissemination  of  information  on  TB and its control by tapping the potentials  of the existing Library and Information Dissemination Services.

List of Directors  

Sl. No. Directors Year
1 Dr NL Bordia 1959-1962
2 Dr Raj Narain 1962-1963
3 Dr DR Nagpaul


4 Dr NK Menon


5 Dr A Banerji 1980-1983
6 Dr P Chandrasekar 1983
7 Dr GVJ Baily



Dr K Chaudhuri



Dr BT Uke



Dr (Mrs) Prabha Jagota



Dr. Prahlad Kumar


 WHO Senior Officers 

Sl. No. WHO Sr. Officers Year
1 Dr HT Mahler 1959-1961
2 Mr S Andersen 1961-1963
3 Dr. Maurice Piot 1962-1965
4 Dr J O’Rourke



Dr D Savic



Dr L Simeonov



Dr T Olakowsky




Name & Designation Section
1 Dr. Prahlad Kumar


2 Dr (Mrs) Sophia Vijay
Sr. TB Specialist
HRD & Documentation Division
2a Dr Preetish S Vaidyanathan
Chief Medical Officer (NFSG)
Training & Co-ordination Unit
2b Mr R Jitendra, Computor Computer Training Unit
2c Mr. R Ravindra, X-ray Technician Library & Documentation Unit 
3 Dr Shiva Kumar, 
Additional Director
Laboratory Division 
3a Microbiologist NRL
3b Dr V K Challu, Veternarian Animal Lab
4 Dr VK Chadha,
Public Health Consultant
Epidemiology and Research Division
4a Dr Tripathi Research
5 Senior Medical Officer M & E Division 
5a Mrs Sangeetha, Chief Statistical Officer  Monitoring of RNTCP
6 Dr Ravichandra Communication & Sociology Division
6a Sr. Public Health Nurse Communication
7 Dr B Mahadev
Administration Division
7a Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, PA to Director Director Office
7b Administration Officer Establishment Section,
Transport Section,
Campus Maintenance,
Security, E PABX 
7c Accountant Account Section
7d Store keeper Stores
7e Hostel Warden Hostel

Organisational Chart:

Division / Unit Profile

Activities of HRD & Documentation Division Activities of Laboratory Division Activities of Epidemiology & Research Division Activities of M & E Division Activities of Communication & Sociology Division Activities of  Administration Division

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