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Library at the National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore is a specialized health science library on TUBERCULOSIS established in the year 1960 to meet the information needs of the Institute. It plays active role as INFORMATON SUPPORT CENTRE in training, research and publication activities of the institute.

This library is open from 9.30AM to 6PM from Monday through Saturday except on National Holidays declared by Government of India, New Delhi.

This library is open to

(1) Faculty and Staff of the Institute
(2) Medical & Paramedical trainees attending the Scheduled courses at NTI
(3) Post graduate Medical students; i,e., MD (TB)
(4) Research Scientists
(5) Private Health care providers
(6) Patients & Public

Unique feature is
  1. to enhance core collection maintaining specificity
  2. to acquire documents of quality than quantity
Types of collection:
(a) Books:
Mainly on tuberculosis and its multidisciplinary aspects viz.;
  • Public Health
  • Radiology
  • Tuberculosis & related respiratory diseases,,
  • Bacteriology
  • Statistics
  • Sociology
  • Epidemiology
  • Fugitive and Grey literature
(b) Periodicals -
Core periodicals (current) in the field of tuberculosis

Periodical Holdings
- International  (Intl)- 20
- National (Natl)- 35

(Very. minimum core periodicals are subscribed and accessibility to the remaining literature are obtained through secondary periodicals & on internet sites Publishers postal ,e mail & website addresses will be given where ever available)
(c) Non book materials

1. Slides
2. Transparencies
3. Audio Video Cassettes
4. CD ROMís

Size of collection:
Books 4,000
Bound volumes 10,000
Audiovisuals 120
Slides 700
CD ROMís 30
Transparencies 150

Collections are arranged as per National library of Medicine, USA classification system with local variation. Medical subject headings are indicated along with classification code for easy; comprehension of users.

Library has moved with time and technology. It has created user oriented indigenous databases using the UNESCO Software: CDS/ISIS. These are available in the NTI Library.
  • NTI Publications- Paper published in Periodicals and Publications brought by NTI.
  • Respro - Research protocols
  • Serls - periodical holdings
  • Maiad - Mailing address


Customer care services : (Education Programs)

1. User education on the resources available in the library.

2. User awareness on utilization of available resources

3. Effective and efficient ways of information retrieval

4. Creating awareness on browsing information on "internet"

5. Initiating the users on "writing papers"

Reference Services
Aim is to provide access to all type of documents available in the library to maximum number of users by

1. Current awareness service

2. Indexing service

3. Reference service

4. Bibliography and Abstract Service

5. Reprography services (Provided on request to the institutions, Non Governmental organisations, District TB centres, Medical colleges ( if they are not receiving the specific journals))

6.Systematic representation of resources available to different level of users (Library generates bibliographies for the paramedical trainees from the databases available at NTI)

7.Select Bibliography of Indian medical literature on TB (This is published as a regular feature in the NTI Bulletin)

8. Suggested readings on Tuberculosis and other aspects of tuberculosis as per the schedule of DTP training course. This will be updated periodically.

Referral services

The users are guided for accessing the document that are not available with us in other Health science libraries through NUCCI database.(http://insdoc.org)



NTI disseminates information through (I) presentation of papers in Natl and Intl conferences and (ii) publications in the Natl. and Intl periodicals Besides it has maintained mailing addresses for distribution of NTI publications  as well as distribution of reprints of NTI papers
It publishes a quarterly periodical "NTI Bulletin"  which mainly contains information on TB control programme etc


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